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Your reliable ally in legal proceedings. From document delivery to court filings, our dedicated team ensures prompt and accurate handling of your legal requests and makes serving process easy every step of the way.

Why Choose JPL Process Service?

20+ years of stellar service

JPL Process Service, LLC provides fast, reliable process services with flat-rate prices to anywhere in the United States.  Just tell us how fast you want it there and we’ll get it done…no stress, no surprises, only smiles!  Or SAVE $24 right now with our current California-Only bank levy process service package.

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From exceptional customer service to top-notch quality, our commitment to perfection shines through in every review. Join our satisfied customers today and experience the impeccable service that everyone is raving about!

Professional Service

With our reliable and efficient service, you can expect quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations. Experience fast and professional service today!

Prompt Proof Of Service

Our prompt proof of process service delivery ensures that you receive fast and efficient results. Say goodbye to delays and uncertainties, and experience the convenience of our reliable service. Trust us to deliver your proof of process promptly and efficiently.

Large Nationwide Network

Our nationwide network of process servers ensures efficient and reliable service for all your legal document, court filings, and subpoena delivery needs. With extensive coverage across the country, we guarantee prompt and accurate delivery to any location.

How We Do Bank Levy Process Service


For over 2 decades, JPL Process Service LLC has made life easier for California legal professionals by finding new and innovative ways to deliver their legal paperwork faster, safer, and as efficiently as possible.  

At first, it was just the two of us, but word quickly spread about the “NEW PROCESS SERVERS” in town and we continued to grow until it was too much work for just 2 process servers. 

We had to start building the JPL Process Service LLC workforce in order to make sure that our clients were getting the attention that they deserved on their court cases or filings, along with making sure Defendants were served properly in order to make sure they had their DAY IN COURT as well as the Plaintiffs.

We continue to grow every day, we strive to make sure that every one of our customers that goes through JPL Process Service LLC has a GREAT experience and knows that everything to get their documents served Properly and Legally has been attempted for them. 

Why Choose JPL Process Service, LLC?